Bella and Sookie

The weather played a role in the next two rescues by adding to the misery of both cats. It was bad enough just to be stuck in a tree, but a cold front pushed through the area and brought rain and strong winds to make it all worse. Poor Bella got wet in the rain and tossed by the wind in the top of her tree, while Sookie stayed dry but suffered in the cold with blustery winds.

Bella, a four-year-old black beauty, was stuck for one night about 30 feet high in the top of a tree in Greenwell Springs, and her concerned family worked very hard to find a way to get her down before calling me. Bella was not particularly friendly with me, but she tolerated me, especially since she had no place to go to get away from me. Fortunately, she loves to eat, so my offer of food was well received, and I used that food to lure her into the carrier and bring her down to a much-relieved and grateful family.

Sookie is a one-year-old calico who was stuck in a Live Oak tree in Denham Springs for a whopping seven hours. It would have been even less had I not suggested that we give her some time to see if she could figure out how to get down on her own. She was miserable in the cold, painful wind, and her family suffered right along with her as they kept vigil, so I can't make them wait very long. Sookie looked very cute and sweet from the ground, but she was not very comfortable or friendly with me in the tree. She let me touch her, but she was clearly just tolerating it. She refused to walk into the carrier or step on my lap, so I had to forcefully bag her. It was only after we were back on the ground that I learned that Sookie is very particular about her food, and the food I used to lure her in the carrier was unacceptable. This little girl eats only pate, and I had the audacity to offer minced pieces to her. Next time, I will remember to ask about food preferences before the rescue.