Boba and Magnolia

The next two rescues I did were for Boba and Magnolia, and both were very sweet kitties who were easy to rescue. Boba is a six-month-old black kitten in Wiggins, Mississippi, and Magnolia is a two-year-old, gray-and-white tabby girl near Albany, Louisiana. Unfortunately, I have very few pictures of either kitty, because I forgot to turn on my camera for both rescues.

Boba was stuck about 20 feet high in a tree next to her house and had spent one night there and endured a few rain showers. She was anxious to get down, so when I climbed up to her and offered a carrier to her, she readily stepped inside for the ride down to the ground.

Magnolia had been stuck about 30 feet high for three nights, and she, too, was anxious to get down from there. When I climbed up to her, she appeared interested in stepping on my lap, so I spread the cat bag over my lap and gave her an opportunity to step on it. She readily got on my lap and started purring and kneading her front paws into my lap. I pulled the bag up around her and brought her down.

Both families are happy and relieved to have their kitties safe at home now, and I very much enjoyed having two sweet kitties to rescue.