Sweet Kitty

Sweet Kitty was the third and final rescue I had that day after the unknown white cat in Picayune and the unknown black cat in Denham Springs which turned out to be Milo. I could not have asked for an easier and sweeter cat to rescue.

Just like Milo, Sweet Kitty is a six-month-old, black, male kitten that had been stuck in a tree one night. Sweet Kitty was only 20 feet high in a Pine tree in Baton Rouge, and he had no problem with my rope installation. In fact, he was a bit intrigued by the whole process and saw the string I had hung over the limb as a toy. I had to pull it away from him before I could finish installing my rope.

When I climbed up to him, he was friendly and ready for rescue. As I pulled the carrier up for him, the front door came loose, so I held the carrier at the edge of my lap as I struggled to get the door back in place. The carrier was angled downward, but Sweet Kitty didn't mind. Before I was ready for him, he stepped on my lap and walked right into the angled carrier while he waited for me to finish getting the door back in place. Once I closed the door, we took the short ride back down to the ground, and he was released inside the house.

I wish all rescues could be like this.