Imirra is a nine-month-old dilute tortie who escaped her house near Poplarville, Mississippi and was chased by dogs deep into the woods where she climbed a tree. The tree she chose to climb may have been a good one for escaping the dogs, but it sure was a bad one for a rescuer. To reach the tree, I first had to cut a trail through mud and dense thorny bushes and briars, and, since the tree had no usable limbs where I could install a rope, I had to climb it using a slower climbing technique. But once I reached her perch 35 feet high, she was super friendly and cooperative. She hated being stuck in that tree and in those woods overnight, and she was so happy to have someone there to help her that she started purring non-stop. I opened the cat bag and spread it over my lap and then lifted her off the tree and placed her on my lap where I then lifted the bag up around her. She continued to purr even while inside the bag. I took her down and transferred her to a carrier. Her owner, Ashley, had planned to be there for the rescue, but her work prevented her from coming, so I took Imirra to her catio, placed her inside, and released her there. She slipped through the cat door to the interior of the house where food and water were already waiting for her, and a happy Ashley sent a picture of the two of them together to me a few hours later.