This is Ollie, a five-month-old, brown tabby kitty in Baker, and she got stuck for one night about 25 feet high in a tall tree in her back yard. She was very happy to see me when I first arrived and talked to her from the ground, but she changed her mind about me after I made lots of scary noises while installing my rope in the tree. When I climbed up to her, she refused to come near me and stayed out on her limb about six feet away from the trunk where I was. I tried to make friends with her from that distance, but it wasn't until I reached out there and let her get a sniff of my hand that she decided that I might not be so bad. Once she let me touch her and give her some gentle, loving pets, she relaxed completely and was ready to trust me, but she still would not come closer to me. When I shook a bag of treats, however, then she strutted down that limb to me. She wouldn't walk into the carrier, but she did get on my lap, so I pulled the cat bag up around her there and brought her down in the bag.