Coal was such a cute kitty. She was friendly and happy to see me, but she didn't quite understand that I was there to rescue her instead of just visit and play with her. This seven-month-old kitten seemed more interested in playing with me and the vines than getting down out of the tree. She swatted at this vine and bit another one while leaving me there to wait for her to finish. This surprised me since I had just heard her crying desperately for help when I first arrived. She had been in the tree only one night, but it felt like forever to her as she perched there during the long, lonely night looking over the bayou running beside the tree by her home in Simmesport. Fortunately, I was able, at last, to get her attention with some food, and I used that to lure her onto my lap where I had already prepared the cat bag. Once she was on my lap, I pulled the bag up around her and brought her down to her very-relieved family.