Juniper is a sweet, six-month-old kitty who is allowed supervised outings in her backyard in Lafayette, and in her most recent backyard outing, she saw a squirrel and chased it up a big Live Oak tree. That was when Juniper learned that squirrels are expert tree climbers and that she is not. She had been stuck there forty feet high for one night when I arrived to rescue her. When I asked Jayme how Juniper normally reacts to strangers, she said that Juniper usually goes up to them and greets them, and then she hisses at them. That was my experience too. She's a sweet and friendly girl, and she readily made friends with me in the tree and let me pet her, but when she voluntarily stepped inside the carrier to come down, she hissed at me as I closed the door. No matter. The main thing is she is down and safe, and Jayme's daughter and son are especially glad about that.