Tuxie looked cool and relaxed on the outside, but he was nervous and uncomfortable on the inside when he saw me climb up close to him. This one-year-old boy was chased by the neighbor's dog up a tree behind his back yard in Denham Springs, and he had been stuck there for one night. While he is normally a very friendly fellow, up here in this tree with this ugly stranger coming up to him was a different matter. Tuxie looked like he didn't want to appear rude, but he didn't want to be pals either. He just politely tolerated my friendly overtures and had no intention of reciprocating. My sweet talk, my gentle pats, my patience, and even my offer of free food were all ignored, but he stayed in place while privately hoping I would just go away. Getting him into a carrier or on my lap was not going to happen, so I donned the cat bag, petted him gently one more time, and then I pulled him by the scruff into the bag as gently as I could. He took it well and was quickly back down on the ground and safe at home where he was smothered in attention and loving.