Just as Karen came in the door to her home, Heather darted out and climbed the tree. Heather is a sweet, six-month-old tortie who got stuck 50 feet high in a tree by her house in Robert, Louisiana, and she was not happy about it. By the time I rescued her, she had been in the tree a total of only eight or nine hours, but that was far too long for her. 
Heather was glad to see me and started purring as soon as I climbed up to her. She purred while we visited in the tree. She purred while she gave me a head-butt. She purred in my lap even as I pulled the bag up around her. She purred in the bag all the way down to the ground. And she purred as Karen took her inside the house. Kitties don't get much sweeter and cuter than this little purring machine, and rescues don't get much easier.