At the young age of eight months, Oliver learned an important life lesson: on the other side of those fences around his back yard in Baton Rouge, sometimes, there are dogs that are not very hospitable. That's the lesson he learned this mid-afternoon, but, fortunately, there was a large tree in the yard that Oliver could climb to escape the dog's less-than-friendly intentions. Oliver climbed forty feet high where he found a bird's nest which made a comfortable and safe roost until he could figure out what to do next. It took him only a few seconds to figure out what to do next, and that was cry for help.

When I went out to rescue him, he had spent only one night in the tree, but that was entirely too long for both him and his family. Oliver was desperate for help, so when I climbed up to him, this friendly boy was very happy to see me. We made our introductions, and, when I presented the carrier to him, he immediately stepped inside. With no troubles or dilly-dallying around, we headed down to the ground, and he was taken home where he settled back in and took a nap in the only thing he could find there resembling a bird's nest.