This is Finch, a two-year-old, black kitty in Saucier, Mississippi, who got spooked up a tree and couldn't figure out how to come back down. He was stuck there for one night, and Isabella, the sweet, nine-year-old daughter of the family, has a special bond with Finch and was very worried about him. Finch was only 25 feet high, and he was sweet enough to make his rescue fairly easy. He wasn't afraid of me when I approached him, and he sniffed my hand and let me pet him. Isabella told me that he comes running to her when he hears her open a can of cat food, so I decided to use that to my advantage. Finch loves to eat, so I opened a can of food and placed it in the back end of the carrier. Finch stepped inside the carrier, and I closed the door and brought him down. I gave him to Isabella whose bright, beaming smile was just what I love to see and all I needed to make the long drive so worth it.