Stripe is a four-month-old, feral tortie who got stuck in a neighbor's tree, and, every time someone tried to help her, she would not let them get close. Surprisingly, even the fire department came out to help, but Stripe climbed all the way to the top of the tree where they were unable to reach her. This cute little girl had already spent two nights in the tree, and I didn't want her to spend any more time up there, so I went to help her down. As expected, she would not let me get close, so I had to use the rescue-pole to pluck her out of the high tips of the tree. I snared her just fine, but when I placed her in the bottom of the net and released her from the snare, this spunky girl decided to jump immediately out of the net. Now, that is no easy feat to accomplish. The net is about four feet deep, is almost completely cinched closed, and there is no solid footing at the bottom of the net to use to push against effectively. But Stripe pulled it off and did it quickly. She flew out of that net and fell to the ground where she landed perfectly flat in the grass about 25 feet below. She ran off to hide but returned home an hour later looking fine as a daisy and quite smug and proud of herself for so skillfully escaping the mean tree monster. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of her rescue due to a dead battery in the camera.