Chelsea's cat, Mickey, is a sweet, docile boy, but he sneaked out of the house and got stuck about 30 feet high in a tree, and he was very unhappy about that. So was Chelsea. She wasted no time in pleading for help on a community Facebook page, and, only six hours after Mickey climbed the tree, I was there to rescue him. Mickey is normally a friendly boy, but this situation was different, and he was pretty cautious with me. At one point, he turned to go farther away from me, but I managed to convince him to hang around and give me another chance. He sniffed my hand and eventually let me touch him, and, after that, he relaxed a bit. I held the carrier up to him, and he found that very enticing and walked inside while Chelsea encouraged him from below. I brought him down, and Chelsea took him back inside as I packed my gear. As I drove away, rain began to fall, but this sweet kitty was safely inside reuniting with a worried little girl.