While I always develop a love for every cat I rescue -- even those that give me great trouble -- I must confess that there are some who touch me more than others, and Jessabelle, the sweet, six-month-old tortie who was stuck in a tree for two nights in Addis, Louisiana, touched my heart in a special way. Jessabelle is a sweet combination of trust, calmness, gentleness, and childlike innocence all wrapped up in a cute, soft, compact, tortie package. She trusted me as soon as I climbed up to her, and she waited patiently while I got into position to reach her. When I lifted her off her perch with both hands under her chest, she relaxed in my hands even while I was holding her high in the air. I set her down on my lap, and she relaxed there without moving while I petted her and then pulled the bag up around her. I held her in my arms for a minute to reassure her that she was safe, and down we went. While she was only 30 feet high, the climb up to her was especially miserable and difficult for me because of the power lines that were so close, but that is all forgotten now. All I remember now is that sweet little girl who welcomed me and trusted me completely.