Pepper Jack

Pepper Jack, often called PJ, is a six-month-old gray tabby boy who was born to a feral mom but was found and adopted by a nice family in rural Port Vincent, Louisiana. We don't know why, but Pepper Jack climbed a tree in his yard and didn't stop climbing until he was almost fifty feet high. There is a straight tree in the center of the picture, but Pepper Jack climbed the one immediately to the right of it, and that tree leans behind and to the other side of the center tree. He spent one night there and most of one hot day in the sun before I could rescue him. When I climbed up to him, I could see that he was panting, and he never stopped panting the whole time I was there with him. He was cautious with me at first, but he eventually learned to trust me. Since he was so hot, I knew he would be interested in going inside a shaded carrier, so I held the carrier up to him, and he did not hesitate to walk inside. I closed the door and brought him down, and he is now happily enjoying the food, comforts, and love of home.