Both Cade and his wife, Jamie, described Roux as "not a sociable cat," but I found this cute, gray and white tabby boy to be quite friendly. Roux is two and a half years old and had spent 
two nights about 25 feet high in the top fork of a small tree in his rural backyard in Lottie, Louisiana. He looked so cute up there when I arrived to rescue him, so it was hard to imagine him being unsociable. Because of his position in this small tree, I had to approach him with a slow climbing method, so, perhaps, that worked to our benefit as it gave him more time to watch me and adapt to me, or, maybe, he was just so anxious to get out of the tree that he was ready to welcome anyone. Whatever the case, he seemed quite happy to see me and let me make friends with him right away. All I had to do was lift him out of that fork and put him in the bag for a safe ride down to the ground.