"Free Kitten with every Bulldozer"

That's not exactly the way this bulldozer transaction was planned, but that's the way it worked out. When Sean went to get a bulldozer, he was asked if he would like to have a kitten too. His first reaction was, "no," but then he thought about his two daughters and decided that was actually a good idea. So with the bulldozer, he returned home with a sweet, fuzzy, three-month-old, bobtail kitty that they named Dozer.

Dozer has been with his new family only one month, and he already got himself in trouble by climbing the Live Oak tree in the front yard. Since Sean had taken Dozer earlier to the good people at Cat Care Center for a checkup, he called them for advice, and they referred him to me. Dozer had been stuck 35 feet high in the tree for one night when I arrived to rescue him.

I can't ask for a sweeter and easier cat to rescue. Dozer stayed calmly in place while I climbed up to him, he immediately made friends with me without any fear or concern at all, and, when I placed the carrier in front of him, he readily walked inside for a safe ride back down to the ground. Quick and easy; just the way I like it. So Dozer is safely and comfortably back home now, and Sean's daughters are especially glad about that.