Either I am losing my touch or Caramel is one of the most stubborn cats I have ever met. I sweet-talked to her and laid on the charm, but this sweet-faced, one-and-a-half-year-old, orange tabby cutie did not want me anywhere near her. She was at the top of a Cypress tree in her own backyard, and, when I climbed up near her and reached up to place my rope over a limb a foot below her, she leaned down with a spitting hissy fit and swatted at my hand. She barely missed me, thankfully, but I got the message that I had "crossed the line." I spent an hour and a half in the tree with her trying to win her over, but I never succeeded. I did manage to push that line closer and closer to her and gradually desensitize her to my gentle touches, but she never liked it. Her feisty attitude made it necessary to try giving her a carrier to see if she would walk into it, but that was a big mistake. That terrified her even more, so I quickly put it away. My only choice was a "hostile takeover" where I desensitize her to my touch, grab her by the scruff, and pull the bag over her. That is what I did, and she gave me the screaming and fussing I was expecting. Once I got her settled into the bag, however, she calmed down and was quiet the rest of the time. She hated being stuck in that tree for two nights and is truly happy to be back home, but if I ever attempt to do this again, I'm sure she will kick up a fuss again just the same.