Mia Repeat

Every time her much larger doggie siblings go outside, Mia, an eight-month-old, dilute calico, likes to go too, and, when the dogs come back inside, Mia comes back inside with them. One recent evening, however, Mia did not return, and Randi was concerned. She went out to look for Mia and found her stuck 30 feet high in a tree in the woods behind her home. This is the second time that Mia has been stuck in a tree, and it was just two months ago that I rescued her in the next-door neighbor's tree. She was as sweet and cooperative as she could be the first time, so I was very happy to go rescue her again.

Mia was just as sweet and cooperative the second time. She trusts me before I even get close to her, and, once I get close, introductions are not needed. It's as if we are old friends, and she is ready to step on my lap as soon as she can. All I have to do is spread the cat bag over my lap, let her step on it, and then pull the bag up around her and take her down. She is safely back home with her doggie siblings again and appreciating how much softer and more comfortable the indoor furniture is.