Unknown Orange Kitten

This mysterious orange tabby kitten appeared at an apartment complex in Baton Rouge, and he was quite friendly. The children there would play with him, and the adults interacted with him as well. He had been there for at least a week when, for reasons unknown, he climbed a Pine tree and got stuck there about 20 feet high. Danielle, whose apartment faced the tree, saw the kitten and gave me a call. We don't know how long he was stuck in the tree, but it was probably less than a day.

When I climbed up to him, he remained true to his sociable reputation and was quite happy to see me. He was in constant motion as he turned this way and that way, and, as a result, I failed to get many pictures of his face, though I succeeded in determining that this was, indeed, a boy. I held the carrier up to him thinking he would quickly walk straight inside, but, while he was interested and curious about it, he was also too cautious to go all the way inside even after three attempts. I spread the cat bag on my lap, and he wanted to step down on my lap, but I was a little too low for him. I picked him up and placed him on my lap, and he was comfortable with that. I pulled the bag up around him and brought him down.

Now comes the hard part: what do I do with him? None of the residents there had seen any sign that anyone was taking care of the cat. He was loose at all times, he didn't have a collar or microchip, his ear was not tipped, and I did not find a Lost Cat post for him. I took him home with me to keep overnight, and the next day I was very fortunate to have him accepted into Cat Haven. Except for the need to be neutered, he checked out just fine, and, later the same day, I was told that he had already been pre-adopted. So this sweet, five-month-old boy will soon have a new home, and I know from my one-night experience with him at home that some lucky adopter is getting a super-affectionate kitten who purrs loudly and constantly.