Kitty Cat

Kitty Cat is a very cute, sweet-looking calico, but she sure was rude and troublesome. First, she picked a horrible, skinny tree to climb, and then, when I made the slow, tedious and strenuous climb up near the skinny top where I was swaying in the wind, she had the gall to climb all the way to the tip top where I could not reach her. After that, she teased me by pretending to be friendly as she came down toward me, but then she jumped over to the other stem of the tree and climbed all the way up to the wispy top. She also lacked basic courtesy. Almost every time I reached my hand out to her, she swatted at it and hissed. Now that wasn't nice, and it hurt my feelings. Fortunately, I found that her hunger was strong enough to get her to come close to me for the food I offered, but, just as she finally came close to me, I dropped the food. I watched in horror as the food, my only hope for rescuing her, fell 30 feet below, because I knew I had no more food with me, and she was not going to come near me without it. The time had come for me to stop being nice and stop worrying about hurting her feelings. I quickly got the cat bag ready, and, by the time she discovered I didn't have food anymore and began to run away from me again, I grabbed her and stuffed this little troublesome ball of calico fur and claws into the cat bag. I have to say that she handled my rough handling very politely, and I'm pretty sure it was all forgotten once she was safe and free back on the ground where she could finally get something to eat, but she really should learn some manners.

"What do you mean, you don't have any more food?"