Shadow is an 18-month-old black kitty who belongs to Katherine, and Shadow got stuck in a tree in an overgrown wooded area behind his house in Gonzales, Louisiana. He had been stuck there about 25 feet high for one night when I arrived to rescue him. The most difficult part of his rescue was just getting to the tree and installing my rope with very limited access, but, once that was done, the rest was easy. Shadow was very cooperative and made friends with me very quickly. Since he was so comfortable with me and showed an interest in getting on my lap, I spread the cat bag on my lap and invited him onto it. He readily stepped on my lap, and, after petting him a little while, I pulled the bag up around him and took him down. Katherine took him home and released him, and Shadow headed straight to the litter box. Cats don't like to pee in the tree, so they hold it as long as they can, and 24 hours is about their limit. Shadow had been in the tree just over 24 hours.

You may notice some bald spots on Shadow, especially on his ears. This is due to a recent outbreak of a virus which caused a lot of itching. He scratched the hair off his ears, but, after a vet visit and treatment, he is now getting better. However, since the virus tends to get activated when Shadow is stressed, he may be suffering another outbreak after the stress of being stuck in the tree. Hair or no hair, he is still a sweet boy. Of course, you would expect a bald-headed guy to be sympathetic and say that.