Shay is a sweet, one-year-old, black-and-white kitty, but she runs away from strangers. Two different people tried to rescue her when she got stuck in a neighbor's Pine tree, but they both failed because Shay would not let them get close enough to her. After Shay spent three nights in the tree, it was now my turn to see if I could get this kitty back on the ground and bring some relief to her owner, Birgid, who had been very worried and stressed during this ordeal.

From the ground, while I was preparing to climb, Shay appeared downright friendly, but, once I climbed up near her, she remained true to her reputation and walked out to the end of the limb to get away from me. The usual coaxing produced no results, but, when I pulled out a small bag of treats and shook it, she suddenly perked up and came toward me. She was hesitant as she approached me, but, when I reached out to her, she sniffed my hand and then turned around and went back out to the end of the limb. I was pleased with that progress and knew she would be back, so I waited while pretending to show no interest in her. Another shake of the treat bag brought her back toward me, but it took a few times before she eventually got the courage to come close enough to me where I could reach her. I had already prepared the cat bag on my arm, so I gently grabbed her by the scruff to make sure she didn't get away again, and then I pulled the bag over her. I brought her back down to the ground, and Birgid sighed with great relief.