Kitty is a two-year-old orange tabby who got stuck 30 feet high in a tree in the woods next to his rural home near Covington, Louisiana. He had spent three nights in the tree before I arrived to rescue him. He is a sweet, friendly boy, but, strangely, he is not particularly fond of sitting on anyone's lap. With that in mind, I intended to get him in a carrier, but, once I climbed up to him, I realized I left the carrier down on the ground. He was so friendly and happy to see me that he started purring, so I decided to try to spread the cat bag over my lap and see if I could get him on my lap anyway. Holding some tasty treats over my lap got his front legs on my lap, but I had to pull the treats farther and farther away from him to get him to pull his back legs on my lap. Once he placed his back legs on my lap, I dropped the treats in the bag under his nose and pulled the bag up around him. After securing him in the bag, I took him down and gave him back to Evan who had been very worried about him.