Tippy didn't know it, but her luck was about to change. This six-year-old dilute calico kitty had been in the shelter for most of her life. She had been adopted and returned to the shelter a total of five times by people who probably did not understand her feisty attitude. She would swat at anyone who dared to touch her sensitive lower back, so she is not a good fit for a home with children. But Cherry and Matt were in the shelter giving her a good look now, and this was a family who understood cats and knew how unlikely it was that Tippy would ever get adopted again at her age with her history. That is when Tippy's luck changed, and she went to her new home in Breaux Bridge and has lived there happily for the past three years.

The only problem now is that, to the family's shock and horror, Tippy was stuck 30 feet high in a Live Oak tree in the backyard. Tippy is at least nine years old now, and it's unusual for an older cat to get stuck in a tree. Almost all the rescues I do are for cats who are half her age and younger, so Tippy is in the exceptional category. I was not concerned about her age, but I was concerned about her reputation for a feisty attitude, especially toward strangers. While she was clearly frightened to see me climbing up to her, I went slowly and reassured her enough that she showed no feistiness toward me at all. She wasn't friendly and affectionate with me, but she tolerated and trusted me just fine. Even when I grabbed her by the scruff and stuffed her into the cat bag, she remained quite docile. I didn't want to scruff her, but she would not go into the carrier, and I could not get her on my lap. Being stuck in the tree for 24 hours had been very stressful for Tippy and her family, so it was a huge relief for all to have her down and safe at home again.