Pookie's Second Rescue

Pookie did it again. Just eleven days after her first rescue, Pookie escaped and, just like last time, got chased up a tree by a loose dog. This time, however, she was stuck only 20 feet high in a tree that is much easier to climb, and she has been in this tree next to her front porch only one night. When I arrived, she was straddling the limb out a few feet from the trunk, and she was baking in the sun on this hot summer day. She was not troubled by my rope installation or my climbing up to her. She sniffed my hand a long time, let me pet her, and felt assured of my friendly intentions. I spread the cat bag over my lap, and this sweet, trusting girl came to me, rubbed her head on my arm several times, and stepped on my lap as if we did this every day. I pulled the bag up around her and brought her down. I wish every rescue could be this sweet and easy.