When Coco was just a kitten, she was found at, of all places, an alligator farm. That's not a safe place for a kitty, but, fortunately, a friend of Lea's found the kitten quickly, and Lea happily adopted her. Coco is now one year old and living the good life with Lea and Eric at their rural home near Covington, Louisiana. Coco got stuck 30 feet high in the top of a small Pine tree in a small wooded area along the edge of their property, and she could not figure out how to get down. She spent two hot nights and one very hot day in the tree before I arrived to rescue her. She was pretty miserable up there and was very happy to see me climb up to her. She made friends with me easily and was quite eager to step on my lap where I had prepared the cat bag for her. She was clearly relieved to have some help, and I enjoyed holding her and visiting with her there for a moment before I pulled the cat bag up around her. She is safe and comfortable at home now, and Lea and Eric could not be more relieved and happy about that.