When Keanu got stuck in a tree, she wasn't like most cats. She was miserable, but she didn't want to complain too much. She was distressed, but she didn't cry out loudly and constantly. She wanted someone to help her, but she wasn't demanding. Instead, this sweet, one-year-old, bobtail kitty was meek and reserved, and she expressed her misery in a gentle and almost whimpering manner. When I climbed up to her, she readily greeted and accepted me, and she waited patiently for me to get ready for her. After I spread the cat bag over my lap, she stepped on my lap fully trusting me to take her home. I pulled the bag up around her and took her down. We were only 20 feet high, and she had been in the tree for a total of only five hours, but I could sense that this had been traumatic for her just the same. But she is safe at home and feeling much better now, and, hopefully, this experience will soon be forgotten.