This is the second time I have rescued Luke -- so I have been told -- but, honestly, I don't remember the first one which was two years ago. I recognize the rural Watson neighborhood, but none of the houses looks familiar. I don't have any record of the rescue, but that could just mean that it was so easy that it wasn't worth recording, or, maybe, I failed to get any pictures. Not every rescue I do gets reported or documented. Regardless, here is Luke now, stuck only 15 feet high in a Sweetgum tree at the edge of a wooded area, and he has been there one night. Luke is two and a half years old now, and he is known as a sociable, people-loving, gray tabby boy, so I was disappointed to see him so afraid of me when I climbed up to him. I could not get him to come close to me, so, while I tried to reassure and woo him, I worked to set a rope higher in the tree so I could move out the limb closer to him. If I could get close enough where he could sniff my hand and let me touch him, I knew he would relax enough for an easy rescue. Fortunately, while I was working to get higher, this big boy decided to come closer to me and was now parked just within reach. I reached my hand out to him for a sniff and eventually gave him a gentle touch. Sure enough, he relaxed a bit, and then I could touch him some more and give him a rump rub. He stood, pushed his rear end up higher into my hand, and began to step closer to me. I had the carrier waiting for him. All he had to do was walk inside, and he did just that. I don't remember his first rescue yet, but I will remember this one.