Lil Bit

Those of you who like to give your inside cat a supervised outing may want to learn from Brandy's experience when she did that with her four-month-old kitty, Lil Bit. "Supervised" doesn't mean "controlled." It just means you can only watch helplessly as your cat runs off or does something you don't want. In Brandy's case, she watched as the energetic Lil Bit got a bad case of the zoomies and ran up a tree. Lil Bit climbed 35 feet up that Pecan tree and was stuck there all day and night before I arrived to rescue her the next afternoon.

Lil Bit had found a comfortable nest and settled there where she could lie and stretch out without worrying too much about falling out of the tree. As I approached her, she would push her head between the vines to get a good look at me, and every time I reached my hand toward her, she would reach a paw out to touch it. She was very relaxed and cute as she would look at me from one side of the nest or the other. She modeled so many cute poses for me that I had a hard time selecting the best pictures to show here.

I thought Lil Bit would readily walk into a carrier for the ride down to the ground, but I was wrong. Seeing the carrier did not bother her at all, but she just didn't understand why I was showing that to her. Knowing how food-motivated she is, I opened a can of food and showed it to her before placing it at the far back of the carrier. She understood that. She walked into the carrier with no hesitation, and I closed the door and brought her down.

It was a long, stressful day and night for both Brandy and Lil Bit, but that is all over now.