This next rescue in Zachary, Louisiana continues the same theme of the past two rescues in that it serves as a good example of how stressful it can be for both the cat and the owner when a cat gets stuck in a tree. Colby, a senior in high school, was so worried about his cat, Kiggy, that he called me at 10:00 at night after Kiggy had been stuck for only three hours. I had just gone to bed and turned off my phone, so I didn't get his message until the next morning, but I like people who care so much about their cat that they call for help right away to minimize the suffering. If I had been in his place, I probably would have called even sooner. Colby was up all night worried about his sweet cat.

Kiggy was miserable too, and she fussed the whole time I was there on the ground preparing to climb up to her. When it took me a little longer than usual to get ready, she made it clear she was getting impatient and that I needed to hurry. This five-month-old kitty wanted off this short, dead stub, and she wanted down NOW. When I climbed up to her -- she was less than 20 feet high -- she was ready and cooperative. She tried to step on my lap even before I was ready for her. Once I spread the bottom of the cat bag over my lap, she stepped on my lap, and I pulled the bag up around her and took her down. So all is well, and Colby and Kiggy are both home and at peace again.