Ash-Lin has a big heart for all animals and works as a veterinary technician, so, when a sweet, brown tabby girl showed up at her door, she tried to find her owner, and, when that failed, she adopted her, named her Kimchi, and gave her all the veterinary care she needed. Kimchi is now three and a half years old, and it is thought that the neighbor's dogs chased her up a tree in her own backyard in Livingston. Kimchi was stuck about 30 feet high near the top of an unhealthy tree with a broken top, and, when I arrived to rescue her after she spent one night in the tree, I heard her cry one of the saddest voices I have ever heard come from a cat. Every rescue case I see touches my heart, but hearing her voice touched me even more deeply. I could hear the misery and sadness in her soft voice, and I could also tell that she was going to live up to her reputation as a super-sweet, friendly girl. When I climbed up to her, she was calm and receptive. After giving her a few gentle touches, I held the carrier up to her, and she was happy to get out of her miserable, limited position and stretch out in a roomy carrier. After a smooth ride back down to the ground, Kimchi went back to her usual routine, and her voice doesn't sound sad anymore.