While Marie and her husband were visiting the cemetery, they found a small kitten all alone. Even though they didn't want a kitten, they couldn't leave it there, so they took the little gray-and-white boy home to care for him temporarily until they could find a home for him. One year later, Tom is still there, and he has become a beloved member of the family. Unfortunately, a loose dog came into Tom's backyard near Franklinton and chased him up a tree, and he was stuck there for four nights before Marie finally found me. Marie was very worried about Tom, especially after a friend told her that their cat got stuck in a tree and died there after a long time because they were unable to find anyone to help. Fortunately, that was not to be Tom's fate. Tom was rescued fairly easily when he readily trusted me in the tree with him and walked into a carrier for a return to the ground. One more cat safely back on the ground. One more family relieved and happy about it.