People in this area will certainly remember the two consecutive nights of lengthy thunderstorms we experienced recently. Jinx, a sweet, nine-month-old, kitty belonging to Ireland near Slaughter, Louisiana, was stuck in a tree for those two nights. This was the first, and probably last, time that Jinx has been outside, and it was not a pleasant experience.

When I arrived to rescue Jinx, she was about 45 feet high in a corkscrew-shaped Sweetgum tree, but, when I tried to shoot my line into the tree, she got spooked and climbed higher and higher until she went as high as she could go in this tree. She was now about 75 feet high, and Ireland lost all hope that it would even be possible to rescue her. I was having some doubts of my own, but Jinx made it possible by being very cooperative once I climbed up to her. She was ready to get out of this miserable tree, and she tried to reach down to me once I got close to her. The stem was too steep for her to climb down to me, and she was a bit out of my reach at that point. To bridge the gap, I held the carrier up high over my head in front of her, and Jinx knew exactly what to do. She stepped inside the carrier, and I secured her inside and brought her down. She is safe inside, and Ireland has reported to me that Jinx has become a super-sweet, relaxed, and happy cat.