I got three phone calls for rescues within minutes of each other, but, fortunately, two of them resolved when the cat climbed down on his own just an hour or two after the call. Friday, the five-month-old black kitty in Ponchatoula, Louisiana was the only one who could not figure out how to climb down on her own, so I went there to rescue her after she spent one night in the tree.

Friday was thirty feet high in the tree and easy to rescue. She was happy to see me climb up to her and trusted me readily. After we visited for a few minutes, I spread the cat bag over my lap and motioned to her to come step on it, but she didn't understand that. When I pulled out a bag of treats, she understood that right away. All I had to do was hold the treats off to the side of my lap, and she stepped into place with no trouble. I pulled the bag up around her and took her back down to the ground where her mama, Alex, was anxiously waiting to take her home.

Later that afternoon, Alex sent some post-rescue pictures of Friday to me. When I was in the tree, I did not notice any white patches on Friday, so I was surprised to see that she not only has some white patches, she actually has a white bikini!