A cat this cute with a name like Snuggles just has to be sweet. Well, she is sweet to her family, but to me, she was a stubborn tease. She was friendly as long as I didn't try to touch her. Every time my hand got too close, she turned around and left, and she had a lot of room to roam on this leaning Live Oak stem by her home in Ponchatoula, Louisiana.

I had to climb the tree at the end of her stem, and I was very limited in where I could go. I needed Snuggles to come to me, and come to me she did. Often. I lost count, but it must have been over twenty times that she came to me and then turned around and went away every time my hand got too close. She was interested in food, so to get my hands out of the way, I put the food in the back of the carrier and held it up to her. She actually walked all the way inside but jumped right back out before I could fully close the door. After that, she had no interest in the carrier. After much too long trying to win her trust, I finally bagged her with a hostile grab. She had settled in a spot near me with her back to me, so I seized both the opportunity and Snuggles to put her in the bag. She fussed, but after spending two nights in the tree, this ten-month-old kitty is fine and back home where she settled in for a long nap.

And doesn't she look sweet.