All hands on deck! That was the response of the entire family when their beloved cat, Spaghetti, went missing from their home in Holden, Louisiana. This was an emergency, and everyone in the family dropped what they were doing and went to their battle stations to help in the search. Spaghetti is a special girl and has a deep bond with each member of the family. She is two years old now, but when she was born, she and all her littermates were given the name of a pasta noodle. She is a peculiar mix of mismatched tabby and Siamese parts. It's as if her body couldn't decide if she should be a tabby or Siamese, so she became both, and the result is a unique and beautiful blue-eyed girl.

Most people are not thrilled about getting a phone call at 2:00 AM, but this family was delighted to get that call from their next-door neighbor and friend who knew how important this cat was to them. The neighbor had found the cat in a tree on her property, and they went out there immediately to find Spaghetti sitting on a limb about 25 feet high. I could not get there until that afternoon, and I know it must have been frustrating for them to wait so long to get their baby down.

Spaghetti was a little wary of me, and each time I inched closer to her, she backed away until she reached the red circle in the picture. Since she was now hovering over a gravel road, Dylan and Sawyer held a tarp below her in case she fell. I struggled to stretch out in a horizontal position to reach her so I could touch her gently and convince her that I was friendly and trustworthy. It took a long time to get her to warm up to me, but she finally began to trust me and move slightly closer to me. With the uncomfortable and awkward position I was in, the only option I had was to grab her by the scruff and bag her, and once she finally came within reach, that's what I did. She was very docile and quiet as I bagged her and took her back down.

The family crisis is over now, and a sense of great relief has settled throughout the family. However, I imagine that Dylan and Sawyer have a sore neck after looking straight up while holding the tarp for such a long time.