Callie and Coka

Sometimes, I get to rescue some of the cutest cats, like these next two, Callie and Coka. Callie was stuck in an old Tallow tree in Baton Rouge for five hot nights, and, even though this two-year-old normally does not like strangers, she was perfectly calm and receptive with me approaching her in the tree. She was interested in the food I was holding, but she would not step all the way on my lap to reach it. Each time she placed her front feet on my lap to reach the food, she kept looking at my other hand suspiciously. Since I could not get her to trust me enough to step all the way on my lap, I had to grab her by the scruff and pull the bag over her instead. I apologized and reassured her in the bag and took this sweet cutie home where she is now perfectly comfortable and happy.

Coka is a one-year-old Siamese mix who escaped his home in Albany, Louisiana and got stuck high in a big tree in the woods behind his house. It took his family some time to find him, and Coka had spent three nights in that tree before I arrived to rescue him. He was about 45 feet high in a large fork, and he was begging for help. Coka is a friendly boy and welcomed me in the tree with him. I spread the bottom of cat bag over my lap and invited him onto my lap, but he didn't seem to understand what I wanted until I pulled out some food. This cute boy stepped fully on my lap and rubbed his head against me, and I pulled the bag up around him and took him down to his very relieved family.