Let me introduce you to Helios, the suave, ultra-sophisticated, highly-socialized, and supremely confident two-year-old who gets and deserves the best of everything and whose inherent superiority is the envy of every creature in his vast social network. Helios was on one of his frequent family outings at the local park when, during a moment when he was untethered -- now seriously, it is so embarrassing and demeaning for one of his stature to be seen in public wearing a leash or harness as if he were a common pet -- several crows decided to attack him. Some would interpret his running up into the nearest tree as a sign of panic and fear, but in reality, he was just leading the crows into the tree where he could gain a height advantage as well as threaten any nests they might have there. Helios was not intimidated, and he was not stuck in the tree either. He was simply remaining long enough for the crows to regret their actions and learn their lesson even if it meant staying overnight while his human caretaker sat there on the ground below all night to keep watch. When I appeared in the tree with him the next afternoon, Helios felt insulted at the mere appearance that he might need help going down, so he refused to cooperate with me. Since he refused all my efforts to assist him, I imposed on him the gross indignity of grabbing him by the scruff and pulling a bag over him. I'm sorry, Helios, but it had to be done.

Helios is safe at home now and trying to forget the entire tree incident, and his human family is enjoying the relief from their stressful ordeal. Helios means the world to them. They include him in all their activities when feasible and serve him like the king that he is. This was a seriously difficult time for them, but they were committed to doing whatever was necessary to get Helios safely back at home.