Kitten's Second Rescue

Kitten likes to climb, and, when she climbs a tree, she likes to climb high. This is the second time I have rescued this two-year-old, sweet, gray tabby girl in the same tree in her backyard in Denham Springs, and, both times, she climbed just about as high as a cat can go in that tree. Fortunately, her second rescue went a bit better than the first one, and that's because she came down a bit to make it easier on both of us. She was very nervous with me in the tree with her, but she tolerated me well enough to let me pet her. She appeared to get uncomfortable at the sight of the carrier, so I prepared the cat bag on my arm, petted and massaged her neck, and then lifted her by the scruff out of that very uncomfortable crotch in which she was wedged. Once secured in the bag, she took a ride back down to the ground with me to put an end to her one-night stay in the tree. Mike took her back inside the house where she quickly settled in and is doing just fine.